About us


Tie-Me-Up is an invitation to seduction. The accessories we design are dedicated to those who know how to experiment, how to discover themselves, how to play elegantly and with passion. Our mission is to dream, to imagine and to design accessories that are unique through design, color combinations, quality and the beauty of the chosen fabrics.


Tie-Me-Up is the only premium brand of natural silk accessories made in Romania. We made our debut in March 2012 with the first collections of fashion hair accessories for which we chose the most precious combinations of fabrics and colors, imagined by some of the world’s leading designers: Valentino, Ungaro, Mario Capra, Ralph Lauren, Etro, Laura Biagiotti, Armani, Feragamo, Mila Schon, Marina D’Este, etc.


We try to offer you on a daily basis exquisite accessories, imaginative designs and luxury gifts for your loved ones or your business partners. We have created a unique hair accessory: the Hair Rose that envelops your hair with a delicate touch and offers a dash of elegance for your favorite outfit. Also, our accessory portfolio has been enriched with scarves for women and men, bowties (simple or as a set), with several other hair accessories and bracelets with semiprecious stones or cultured pearls from the Joie de Vivre collection. Besides designing and producing accessories under its own banner, Tie-Me-Up is the unique Romanian importer of scarves produced in Italy under by following brands: Laura Biagiotti, Gaia, Mila Schon şi Marina D’Este, as well as hair accessories from the Bel Ami collection with handmade details in France. Our corporate offer grants you the possibility of choosing the perfect gift for your colleagues or for your business partners from over 200 types of prints, shapes, different colors, all from fabrics of the best quality: natural silk, wool or cashmere.


Tie-Me-Up collections follow the trends set out by the world’s leading fashion designers for each season and try to surprise you with the colors and uniqueness of the precious natural silk prints imported from Italy. We launch new collections once every 2-3 months and are fully involved in the entire production process so that each accessory is flawless. Our products are available in small releases and manually detailed. Following a rich pallet of already available collections, our natural silk has been caressed by suave and delicate pastels or, on the contrary, by electric, fresh and dynamic colors, floral, geometric, abstract details or paisley motifs – always on trend and always in perfect synch with the season when they were launched. For any type of personality, for any outfit be it classic, office, casual, urban or retro.


Of an undefinable femininity, Tie-Me-Up accessories will add that irresistible je ne sais quoi that attracts all eyes and will bring you into the center of attention. Regardless if your outfit it smart-casual, office or an evening gown, Tie-Me-Up accessories bring life to any look and make it stand out. Details make the difference between an interesting outfit and a seductive one, and when those details are delicate fashion jewelry of the finest quality, with flawless finishing touches, each day is an opportunity to become the undeniable start of your own catwalk. Dare to be unique with our made to measure service (the only one of its kind for accessories in Romania): your favorite accessory with your specially chosen fabrics and color schemes.