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For your convenience we consider that it is good to establish this from the beginning. The company will not require any payment to access the content or the Site. 

1.2. However the services needed to access the Site, such as Internet service, mobile Internet services or services needed to access computers linked to the Internet are not provided by the company and may involve conclusion of contracts with third party suppliers as well as the payment of certain fees to the respective vendors.

1.3. The Site contains advertising material. Ads displayed on the Site will not bind you to purchase the products or services promoted. The company does not assume any responsibility for the content of advertisements displayed, if such content was provided by third parties.

1.4. The company will take every effort, in the reasonable commercial limits, to ensure the functioning of the Site.

1.5. The company reserves the right to supplement, delete or modify the information in the Site without your consent.


 2.1. The site is an online store, which includes the presentation of products marketed by the company and their prices. Users can purchase products by making online orders.

2.2. Content described above is included in at least one of the following categories:

  • a)Company Content – especially but not limited to the design of the Site, texts, articles, comments or reviews carried out by the company (including its employees or collaborators), images, audio or video recordings;
  • b) The content of the third party providers – registered trademarks, images of products etc.

2.3. Company content existing in the Site is protected by copyright and, where applicable, trademark rights under UE/ Romanian law. Content marked as owned by third party suppliers is protected under the laws of both Romanian and, in particular, the legislation in the country where the right’s holder is registered.

2.4. In normal use of the Site you have permission to access the content by displaying it on access equipment (computer, laptop, smart-phone, tablet etc.) in order to obtain information or order products.

2.5. Commercial Use of third party Content displayed on the Site is prohibited.

2.6. Commercial Use (including, but not limited to the display of content on other sites) is permitted if, by way of a hyperlink, you provide the source, and only with the previous written consent of the Company. To achieve this, please contact us at: and we'll answer you in the shortest time. 

2.7. The actions/inactions presented in this section are exemplificative only. As a general rule, any use which is not in accordance to those described above as being allowed is not permitted. Certain prohibited activities may also constitute crimes or offenses according to the applicable laws. The company reserves the right to take, when necessary, any necessary measures with the competent authorities in order to protect it’s legal interests.

2.8. You do not have permission to carry out more than one copy of the content of the Site. You do not have permission to distribute or otherwise publish the Content through any means of communication, including through the Internet. You do not have permission to use framing technology. It is forbidden to restricting, by whatever technical way, other person’s access to the Content (except those under your direct supervision and only to the extent that they, or the legal provisions applicable, allow for such a restriction). It is forbidden the use of technical means for changing, supplementing, deletion of the Content. It is forbidden to display other Content, in particular, immoral, obscene, pornographic or illegal. The use of technical means to make the Site unusable or to aggravate the use (electronic attacks) is forbidden.



The content does is not intended to be professional consulting, advisory and is only informative. The company does not recommend, support or promote the use of the Content or the knowledge contained there for any other purpose than information.

3.2 The images and product descriptions from the Site presentation our point of view. The appearance of the actual product may differ from the one shown in pictures.


4.1. Tie-Me-Up publishes images and information about the products offered for sale, in a certain period and only within the limits of available stock.

4.2. Products published on the Site are intended only for the personal use of the user. The company reserves the right to limit purchase capacity of products, at a given time, for some users.

4.3. The price of the products presented on the site is expressed in LEI/ RON/ EURO/USD and is VAT inclusive. The price is informative. The company does not warrant the selling of products at the prices stated in the Site, except where a contract of sale is concluded. Product price includes shipping costs. 


5.1 When you sign-in, you may not use a username or email address that belongs to or is already used by another person, which can be interpreted as belonging to another person, violates the intellectual property rights or other rights of a person, which is offensive or immoral. Multiple accounts are not accepted. If we find out that the same person, uses multiple user accounts, we reserve the right to delete all extra registered account.

5.2. You are responsible to maintain the confidentiality of the password that you use to access the Site. It is forbidden to give your password or username, or to borrow or transfer to a third party in any other way your use or your access to the Site. You are responsible for all interaction with the Site that occurs in connection with your username.

5.3.You have the obligation to notify us immediately if you suspect any unauthorized use of your password or username or any other breach of security related to your account. After every session that ends, please logout from the site.

5.4. We do not assume liability for loss or damage resulting from your failure to comply with any of the above obligations.


6.1. If you consider the Content or the Site violates the provisions of this Contract, is abusive, immoral, illegal, violate the rights of other people (especially intellectual property rights or rights relating to the individual or private life) please notify us at We will analyze your notification and take the measures which we consider necessary.


7.1 Both in terms of Content and products marketed on the Site, the company does not warrant that they fit the purposes for which you would like to use and does not promise their ability to obtain certain results. By using the Site you are liable for personal assessment if the products or content are or not applicable to your own goals.

7.2. The company does not absolutely warrant error-free or continuous operation of the Site.

 7.3 Any liability of the company (including employees, associates/shareholders or affiliated companies) for your use of the Site, the content or products in the site will be established in accordance with this section. 

7.4. The company excludes any contractual or tort liability to you or to other persons, for moral or economic damages, direct or indirect, foreseen in the present or foreseeable at the time of contract conclusion or that are effective at the time of their occurrence (damnum emergens) or derived from unrealized benefits (lucrum cessans), born from the use or lack of possibility of use by you of the Site, Content, or products in the site, from the Company's fault (negligence, imprudence), regardless of whether the company was warned or found by itself the possibility of such damage to occur.

7.5. The company does not exclude liability for situations for which liability may not be lawfully excluded, respectively for bodily harm or death, if we did not take diligence to warn of the possibility for such situations to occur. Liability is excluded however if you were aware, were otherwise informed or could have reasonably been expected to know that such harmful situations may happen.

7.6 You undertake to indemnify the company for any direct or indirect damage, actual or arising from lost benefits, including loss of image or income, caused to the Company by the breach of this agreement by you or the people who have access to the Site through your Terminal. 


8.1. We reserve the right to change the content or the technical characteristics of any aspect of the Site, at any time, as we seem fit. In these conditions, you agree that you might be unable to use the Site, during the change period or thereafter.


9.1 Major Force is an unpredictable event, outside the control of the parties and which cannot be avoided. We cannot be held responsible, directly or indirectly, for reasons that do not depend on the will of the company. This disclaimer includes, but is not limited to: errors running technical equipment used for the operation of the Site, the absence of internet connection, lack of functioning of telephone connections, computer viruses, unauthorized access to the Site systems, operating errors, etc.


10.1 This agreement is complemented, where possible, with all the legal provisions in force in Romania such as, but not limited to those relating to electronic commerce, consumer protection, conclusion of contracts by electronic means, the protection of intellectual property rights, personal data protection and those relating to criminal offences in the electronic environment, as needed on a case by case basis.

10.2 Any dispute regarding the content or use of the Site is the exclusive competence of the competent courts in Romania and will be solved in accordance with the legislation applicable at the time in Romania.

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