Purple Kiss

Purple Kiss 

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Purple Kiss Hair Rose

57,20 lei 88,00 lei -35%

A combination of shades of magenta, indigo and pink floral print delicate lace panels this accessory can be worn with any outfit. Unique creation Tie Me Up, rose silk protects and pampers your hair all day.

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Purple Kiss Hair Twist

42,90 lei 66,00 lei -35%

A precious hair accessory, a touch of color in shades of magenta and indigo. Use it for styling hair: pulled back in a ponytail, in a high bun or otherwise, after your fantasy.

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Purple Kiss Headband

42,25 lei 65,00 lei -35%

For a romantic look: headband with bow pure silk in shades of magenta and indigo perfectly combined in a floral print. Headband the thin, impeccably done, hair is a timeless accessory for smart casual attire.

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Purple Kiss Silk Scarf

179,00 lei

A scarf with a distinctive print of a floral print coating that combines understated elegance with the laced. Flowers in warm shades of magenta and indigo are intertwined with delicate lace prince. A scarf in a versatile format that allows wearing them in so many ways! Made of silk designer of the highest quality, made in Italy.

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Kiss Purple Scarf drive

88,00 lei

A floral drawing cough fine magenta and indigo undulations combined with delicate lace on silk. A scarf with a special design that you will fall in love when you maintain your jacket blend in office.

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Purple Kiss bow

49,00 lei

For a romantic look: floral ribbon-indigo magenta shades of silk. This accessory can use both seem but a little gem in a dress.

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Headband cu fundita magenta

39,00 lei

Hair accessory made with designer natural silk. (headband)

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