Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico 

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Puerto Rico Silk Scarf

134,00 lei 179,00 lei

A special print : fine coral flowers in shades on blue background. A silk scarf that will help compliment your perfect outfit Ofiice.

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GIFT: Silk Scarf and bow Puerto Rico

179,00 lei 228,00 lei

A unique gift: silk scarf and bow with delicate floral print in shades of red coral on blue background ciel office that assigns elegant outfit.

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Puerto Rico Headband

49,00 lei 65,00 lei

Headban bottom is the accessory that you can suit any outfit with a floral print, a variety of poppies flowers on blue background.

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Puerto Rico Hair Rose

57,20 lei 88,00 lei -35%

A hair accessory unique in the world of silk . Rose hair is precious jewel that can spoil your hair. With a lovely floral print on a turquoise hue, this accesroiu you can customize any outfit.

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Puerto Rico bow

49,00 lei

A bow hair fashion accessory that can be of your outfit. Made of silk with a floral wonderful, perfectly harmonizes your outfit.

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Puerto Rico Hair Twist

49,00 lei 66,00 lei

Put your hair out with this enhancement of natural silk. With a multitude of poppies flowers on a blue background, you can make remarkable both the office and casual attire.

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Puerto Rico Flounce Scarf

88,00 lei

Scarf drive is stylish and fashion accessory that compliments your perfect office outfit. With a flowers print with an explosion of colors that will be distinctive touch to your outfit.

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