Marsala Luxury

Marsala Luxury 

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Bow: Candy Bar, On lavender flowers and Marsala Luxury

75,00 lei 147,00 lei

These bows, in bright colors, are made of designer silk imported from Italy, with a texture and premium quality. Impeccably tailored, these acceosorii can be worn in the hair, but also as a little gem of silk in a dress, blouse or a jacket Summer Accessories products Tie-Me-Up in Romania, in small batches, hand-finished impeccably.

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Headband: 70 Brigitte, Marsala Luxury si Little Princess

88,00 lei 195,00 lei

A wonderful set of three sites Headband with bow, that you can easily go with your outfit. In delicate shades of pink or marsala, they are perfect for an accent color.

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Hair Twist Roses Crush and Marsala Luxury

88,00 lei 132,00 lei

Put your hair out with this enhancement of natural silk. Crush Roses collection with a floral landscape in vibrant colors , so you can make remarkable casual outfit and the office. Marsala Luxury collection in a warm shade marsala with beige, brown and blue-cacao, this hair accessory fits very well a brown hair.

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Marsala Luxury Flounce Scarf

88,00 lei

Drive scarf in shades of marsala defining perfect autumn colors. The perfect accessory that compliments your outfit Ofiice!

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Marsala Luxury bow

49,00 lei

Hair background in fine shades of marsala, is created for hair accessory designer of silk imported from Italy. Impeccably finished in texture and premium quality.

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Marsala Luxury Hair Twist

66,00 lei

Twist Hair marsala is the perfect choice for complementing the outfit with a hair accessory. Chic and easy to wear, can be matched with any style of dress.

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Marsala Luxury Hair Rose

66,00 lei 88,00 lei

Rose or Rose Hair Hair is a stylish accessory with a unique design. It is easy to wear and chromatic shades may be associated with gold, turquoise and nude.

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Marsala Luxury Bow Headband

49,00 lei 65,00 lei

Headband in shades of marsala is an accessory designer created from silk, impeccably finished. Yes a fashion look with this stylish accessory to your outfit!

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Luxury gift: Marsala Silk Scarf and Bow

228,00 lei

A unique present: natural designer silk scarf with hair bow included.A gift that wins over every time.

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Marsala Silk Scarf

134,25 lei 179,00 lei -25%

Due to its special shape, this double-lined scarf can be worn in your hair, knotted into a bow around your neck or simply fastened: as a necktie or belt around your waist.

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